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CBT for Women 50 Plus

CBT for Women 50 Plus

One in three women in the United Kingdom do not suffer any of the symptoms (hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, depression etc.) associated with the menopause.

In Japan the vast majority of women go through ‘the change’ with no ill effects due to the vast amount of soya eaten, which is rich in plant estrogen. In America it is estimated that three million women are hospitalised each year with severe depression, associated with their passage through the menopause.

The menopause can be one of the most dramatic rites of passage, and its effects far surpass those of the transition of a child into puberty. Especially in a society where everywhere we look the media presents us with the ideals of a youth culture, leaving little room for the maturity and sanguine experience that can only come in later years.

CBT And The Menopause

Using a professional to guide you through the process by advanced empathy, support, and a repertoire of CBT techniques to improve your own resources can greatly ameliorate the suffering of this transitional change of life.

The menopause has its hallmark in the end of the biological reproductive stage and the beginning of the sociological stage, where one looks outward from being a householder, with grown children who have left/or are leaving the nest to the culture, and society as a whole to see where ones experiences can make a difference.

CBT improved upon those coping skills that have already been developed by challenging the negative beliefs associated with this life change. Standard CBT techniques are used to identify and challenge negative automatic thoughts associated with ‘the change’ and substituting more accurate reality tested cognitions in their place.

CBT shows that by changing negative thought patterns and replacing balanced alternatives there is an elevation of mood, increased motivation, and the ability to manage change more effectively. In some clients the menopause activates early life issues that have not been previously resolves examples of these issues are: –

  1. poor self worth
  2. distorted body image
  3. fear of death
  4. fear of rejection
  5. fear of failure.

Virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Convenient, private and secure

Cognitive Therapy London Virtual Therapy

Online Therapy is available to anyone, anywhere in the world at home or in the office using a tablet, mobile phone or laptop / computer and a good internet connection.

This service would appeal to client's for a variety of reasons.

  • Clients location would make it difficult / impossible to access Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.
  • Clients time-pressure, work deadlines, and work-based travel make it difficult to commit for the normal counselling time-scale.
  • Clients family commitments make it easier to have treatment on-line at home.
  • Clients prefer an initial face to face assessment, and then combine both treatment modalities.

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