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CBT for Stress Management

Stress Management and CBT

Stress is composed of internal pressure that is generated by the world outside that causes us to feel ‘under threat’. When we feel there is a danger to us we feel under pressure and undergo rapid physiological changes in the amygdala or ‘old brain’.

We are wired to either fight the danger, or else to flee from it. Then we mobilise ourselves to return to our original physical and mental balance as soon as the perceived danger has passed. Dr Hans Selye has identified three stages which are caused by stress:-

1. A stage of alarm when one feels at risk or threatened.
2. A stage of resistance – mobilising all personal resources to try to solve the problem.
3. A stage of exhaustion – when the threat is of greater intensity and duration than was expected. The person can not cope, and either physical and/or mental health deteriorates.

Causes of stress

In the workplace often it is the long hours, pressure of deadlines, and an inordinately heavy workload that contributes negatively to perceived feeling of stress.

The workplace statistics show that the average person works five times as much as they did thirty years ago.

Fifty nine percent of the population has difficulty falling/or staying asleep. We work on average 47 hours a week, the highest figures in Europe. In this age of anxiety there is job uncertainty with only one in three workers in permanent contracts.

Professional managerial stress is identified in the workplace as follows:-

  • poor job performance feedback
  • lack of authority to make decisions
  • relationship problems with superiors
  • command and control management style
  • noise/lighting
  • poor communication skill
  • workstation problems
  • job uncertainty/insecurity
  • lack of praise, validation or recognition from superiors
  • a negative psychological contract with staff or poor change management
  • no training or support to staff
  • no say on how work is done
  • poor delegation of tasks
  • company mergers / takeovers

Stress is likely to become the most dangerous risk to business this century with 180 million working days lost annually at a cost of over £4 billion to industry. One in five workers report feeling stressed at work a total of five million people in the United Kingdom. Personal and Social Causes of Stress – related problems can include: relationship problems including divorce, physical illness, alcoholism. gambling, anger problems, panic attacks or anxiety/depression.

By learning to become more aware of physical tension levels there is an increased resistance to stress. As more advance coping skills are learned the perception of threat diminishes. Both in the preparation for possible stressful situations, and a coping repertoire for meeting unexpected stressors the client has a full coping repertoire at their disposal.

Virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Convenient, private and secure

Cognitive Therapy London Virtual Therapy

Online Therapy is available to anyone, anywhere in the world at home or in the office using a tablet, mobile phone or laptop / computer and a good internet connection.

This service would appeal to client's for a variety of reasons.

  • Clients location would make it difficult / impossible to access Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.
  • Clients time-pressure, work deadlines, and work-based travel make it difficult to commit for the normal counselling time-scale.
  • Clients family commitments make it easier to have treatment on-line at home.
  • Clients prefer an initial face to face assessment, and then combine both treatment modalities.

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