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Thanks for all your help. I’m getting married on Saturday and don’t think I would have been in this position without you. Thank you so much.

(City worker – OCD and Clinical Depression)


When I came to Anita, I was totally overstretched and stressed. I’d started snapping at colleagues, my husband and my toddler. My colleagues had begun to see me as lacking in empathy and project-focused, rather than people-focused.

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As a working mother in a demanding job, I had gone into into overdrive. I was near breaking point. Whilst recovering emotionally from a miscarriage, I fell pregnant with my second child, and I knew for the sake of all the people I loved, I needed to do something.

Nine years previously, Anita helped me to completely turn my life around when I was close to burn-out, so it was an obvious choice to go back to her when the signs were creeping in again. I learned again to look at situations rationally and with compassion. I learned again why my experiences as a child were triggering emotional reactions in me and I learned how to change these negative thought patterns, think positively, relax and de-stress again. The course has left me feeling grounded, confident and more in touch with myself.

(Head of Digital Media)

There are no words to describe how much I appreciate your help and support; your help and support were exceptional and greatly appreciated.

(Lawyer – PTSD)

Anita was fantastic. She gave me really useful insights into the interview process and lots of practical tips which ensured I secured the role I was after. I would recommend her without hesitation.

(Senior Banking Lawyer – Career Coaching)


I first went to Anita with my daughter who was suffering with OCD and 11+ anxiety.

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It had been a stressful time and I wanted to ensure that I supported her correctly in her journey to recovery, so I opted to have sessions with Anita alongside my daughter.
Anita worked wonders with her and soon she was finding a stillness in Anita’s presence that I had not seen before. She was gently persuasive and calm without patronising her. After around 6 months of CBT sessions the tics and anxieties had subsided dramatically.

For my part, yes, I received sensible advice and support relating to my daughter, but the impact of the additional help I received went way deeper than this. Anita took me through a gentle process of self-discovery that allowed me to revisit and confront long established unhealthy thought patterns, and confront future fears and insecurities that were holding me back.

Her wise voice resonates with me, it calms and refreshes so that I can see past the problems that block my way. I feel blessed to have met her and take away a deep insight into myself that has allowed me to move forward and recognise when old unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns resurface.

She has helped me through the aftermath of my divorce to regain my self esteem and has guided me wisely through some very traumatic family events. I cannot recommend her enough.

(Artist - London)


I came to Anita Jaffe for CBT on my third period of anxiety, and depression in five years. I had to abandon my teaching career due to my panic attacks, and depression.

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Medication got me out of it the second time, but I was determined that it was not going to keep on happening again, and again. having unsuccessfully tried other types of therapies, after six months of CBT not only am I back to my normal self, but seemed to have moved on a level.

CBT has changed the way I deal with life. I now find life and its challenges / experiences exciting (they used to be scary). I enjoy change, and the new situations it brings. I allow myself to get angry, and have stopped taking on every problem as mine alone.

Most importantly, I realise that one single thought or event does not wipe out who, or what I am. Life's too short to worry about what might happen, especially if there's no evidence to back up what you are thinking, so I worry less.

To be honest, I don't think my partner and colleagues know what hit them!

(Sarah, 28, Teacher – Anxiety and Depression)

Thank you so much of all your help – I really appreciate it, and feel that it has helped me enormously.

(City manager – Clinical Depression)

Thank you so much for your CBT counselling, I can now think in a more balanced and kind way. Thank you for your insights and gentleness.

(Teacher – Clinical Depression and Anxiety)

I’d like to thank you Elise. You’re a genius and you’ve saved my life. I really felt there was no way out until I met you.

(Finance – Clinical Depression and Drug Addiction)


Working with Anita has led to a positive change in my life that is not only measurable and quantifiable but has also led to a different way of looking at life.

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The work we did not only improved my mental health and rid me of depression but also led me to re-evaluate my purpose in life and to start focusing on the things that are important to me. As I learned more about CBT, I began to impose structure on my life and started to make plans and goals. In a short 8-month time, I was able to turn the direction of my life to a path that is positive and meaningful to me.

Anita does not offer a life changing philosophy or anything of the sort, just a structured way of examining one’s own life, decisions and way of thinking. She was unbiased, listened to my problems, and together we worked on solutions. I now posses the skillset to deal with any complex situation, in my personal and my professional life. This is what I took away from my sessions, and I can say that who I am today is a completely different person to who I was when I first came to see Anita.

(Business Co-Ordinator - Depression)


When I left school and finished my A levels a fear began to creep into my mind.

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Different thoughts would take place in my head and would sit there, consuming my attention. It was unlike anything else I had experienced, these were thoughts that should have passed by like any others but for some reason they weren't. I worried about the thought itself initially and then the worry would move onto why I was even worrying at all, and the cycle continues. Like most people I did not tell anyone and I let this cycle of fear get worse and worse throughout the summer, I did not want to tell people the thoughts I was thinking, and was unable to articulate clearly how it was making me feel. After I while I started to get panic attacks, and came to a point of complete breakdown. I felt like I was not in control anymore and did not have the slightest idea of what had lead me to the place I was in.

This lead me to Anita and to CBT. CBT was not entirely new to me as I had practised mindfulness in the past to help with my tinnitus, but i soon realised the my knowledge was pretty basic. Initially Anita taught me that the thoughts I was having were in fact irrelevant. I could have been thinking anything, the problem was my fear of fear itself. For example I would worry about worrying. As soon as my mind started to settle we traced back to see what it was that lead my to this breakdown, and how it could be avoided in the future.

Slowly I began to realise that the way I am comes from family traits, or how I have been conditioned one way or another. I noticed that I put an unnecessary constant pressure on myself to perform which had lead to be unhealthy. Slowly, it started to make sense, why I felt irritation when I felt irritation, or what had made me feel anxious that day. Once I had learned different skills and tools from Anita I began applying them in everyday situations all the time, my routine was full of tricks to keep me in the right place. During my time with Anita all these tricks became my personal toolkit which I use all the time today.

As a musician and creative a lot of my struggle comes from battling with the non judgemental creative mind and the methodical, goal orientated mind, in other words right and left brain. For me being able to switch from one mindset to the other is difficult but essential, and is something I worked on the most. It is hard to touch upon topics like this of great detail, but essentially Anita taught me, me. The fear of the unknown was taken away because I realised there was nothing there to fear. I now trust in myself and trust my own knowledge which gives me the confidence to be my own therapist. I can't thank Anita enough for how she has helped me and gently stirred me in the right direction all the way through. Every moment of enlightenment I am grateful for, and would not trade for anything.

(Life Coaching)


Anita Jaffe in a word is ‘amazing’.

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I have been working with Anita for over a year now and as a career coach she has proved to be both insightful and inspirational. She has helped me in terms of developing and focusing on a significantly better career path and has also improved my understanding of people on both a professional and personal level.

Her years of experience and her wide knowledge of many subjects permeates every meeting and I leave always feeling I have learnt something significant and have a key take away. Anita ‘ gets it’. Time with Anita is beneficial and time well spent.

(Senior Underwriter - London)

Anita was fantastic. She gave me really useful insights into the interview process and lots of practical tips which ensured I secured the role I was after. I would recommend her without hesitation.

(Senior Banking Lawyer)


Having worked with Anita twice, I simply cannot recommend her enough.

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We focused working on my anxiety issues which were starting to having a physical impact on my life. Anita helped me to understand what and how they were being caused and helped me overcome them in way in which they are no longer an issue.

Anita is kind, warm hearted and works in a way that makes you fully comfortable to help you enjoy overcoming any issues you may be having. I am currently the happiest I have ever been and a significant part of that is due to Anita, thank you.

(Accountant, London)

Thank you for all of your help, I really feel that my life has changed as a result of our work and that this has been a challenging and positive experience, I would recommend you and CBT to anyone undergoing any difficulties.

(Teacher – Clinical Depression and Anxiety)

Thank you for your love and support. You have restored my faith and wellbeing.You have restored my hope.

You have mended a broken woman and mother. I will be forever grateful to you Anita.

(Christian CBT)

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