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Online Cognitive Therapy

Online CBT

The expertise of an experienced CBT practitioner can provide a competent therapeutic relationship through the video or telephone counselling medium throughout the entire global village, providing effective CBT treatment without the expressed need to leave their home, office or workplace environment.

This service would appeal to client’s for a variety of reasons.

  • Clients location would make it difficult / impossible to access Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.
  • Clients with mobility problems
  • Clients time-pressure, work deadlines, and work-based travel make it difficult to commit for the normal counselling time-scale.
  • Clients family commitments make it easier to have treatment on-line at home.
  • Clients prefer an initial face to face assessment, and then combine both treatment modalities.
Virtual CBT

What does the client need?

  • A tablet, mobile phone or laptop / computer
  • A good (fast) internet connection
  • A camera and microphone (tablets and mobiles usually have these built in)
  • Skype software installed (Skpye is available as a free download)

How does online/virtual treatment work?

The procedure is the same for on-line or an initial face to face assessment. Clients telephone or email The Centre for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to book an initial assessment session. This session is pre paid using a debit or credit card and can be done either by phone or over the Internet via a secure online form.

After the initial session a treatment plan is designed based on a problem list that includes 5 – 6 things the clients wants to change as a result of therapy. In the literature the statistical average for the treatment of anxiety and depression is 12 -20 sessions but this is only a baseline figure.

Clients complete the treatment when they feel have met the objectives for treatment both they and the therapist have decided upon.


The client should prepare for the session by logging in to Skype around 30 mins or so before the session is due to start and ensure that the internet connection, camera and microphone are all working properly.

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